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Performance Assessments in the NGSS Classroom: Implications for Practice

Cathy Zozakiewicz
Nicole Holthius
Sara Dozier
Jill Wertheim
Susan Schultz
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The Course

Course Description

This course offering from the Stanford NGSS Assessment Project (SNAP) is designed to guide participants in exploring the role performance assessment can play in helping their students meet the goals of the Next Generation Science Standards. Participants will learn SNAP's strategies for analyzing what an assessment is evaluating, analyzing multidimensional student data, and making instructional decisions based on student evidence. Participants will have opportunities throughout the course to practice using these strategies with sample short performance assessments (20 minute tasks) and student data.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, participants should be able to:

• Identify the critical qualities of performance assessments that support the NGSS

• Analyze the dimensions assessed by a performance task

• Evaluate multidimensional reasoning in student responses

• Use analysis of student data to provide high-quality feedback

• Use analysis of student data to guide instructional next steps

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